From Victim to Victor

For the first time ever, at the least expected moment, I finally saw myself as I really am…a victor over the cruelty of my ex.  I was laying here feeling like I am about to get a full-blown summer illness, tossing in bed when suddenly my mind seized on the arithematic of my failed abusive marriage.  It took three tries before I believed my own eyes. 

All this time, I believed I was fairly powerless; now I see God was there with me working behind the scenes, asking for my faith, urging me to fight a good fight.  There were still whisps of fog clouding my vision until this very night.  I am not the coward my ex expected to fade away defeated.  I am not a weak and worthless creature.  I am strong in God and that put me in a position of power that I didn’t seek and couldn’t recognize because somehow I still believed a tiny bit that I was who my ex told me I was—worth nothing.  Maybe he just didn’t want me to see how high of a price he had to pay for treating us inhumanely.

That louse, in his attempt to discard us, has had to pay me or for my benefit a sizeable sum, not counting his big-shot attorney’s fees.  Honestly, I did not realize the scale of the amount.  I almost wish I could’ve seen the expression of horror as it crossed his face at this realization.  As for me…I am laughing!

Mirth, light-hearted childlike laughter.  Oh how wonderfully my Maker has treated me, His daughter!  I praise Him for He is wise and kind above all.  Father, Savior, and Spirit…my awesome God!  Amen!

If you are in the grip of despair, do not foresake hope.  Cling to God’s promises–He will show you the Light of His endless love in His own special way. ❤


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