Finally Me Again

15 months after he bought us a car and titled it in his name only, then stranded me with it refusing to title it to me, I finally own it in my name. My car is mine!  I danced in the DMV parking lot–I was so joyous.

The years of financial sacrifices are finally not his gain alone.  He doesn’t control my money anymore.  I have learned by sheer determination how to manage my finances after years of being prohibited from doing so.  I can account for every cent.  No more can he gaslight me or unsettle me by keeping me in economic darkness and powerlessness.

He can’t see the phone # of every call or text I write.  I have my own non-contract plan.  What a relief to have those cold hard eyes of his off of my life.

I am one institution away from being legally recognized as my own self.  So close to the end of signing with a name he never deserved the honor of me carrying. 

Praise you Lord Jesus for teaching me the simple and amazing joy of trusting God the Father and for sharing the gift of eternal life.  Praise to my Holy Father who keeps watch over me. And praise to the Holy Spirit whose living energy overflows my well of hope.  Amen!

I am blessed.  I am free.  I am me.


7 thoughts on “Finally Me Again

  1. This is so great!!! I LOVE your praise confession and the fact that you give God ALL the glory for your victories. He DOES want us to live victoriously and you are living proof that we CAN overcome the wiles of the enemy. The enemy wants to destroy the lives of Christians and their families and you won! I thank God that you posted this. May God continue to bless you abundantly.

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    • It is amazing how much I see Him restoring and incorporating the good parts of my old life into my new life. For a long time it felt like I could not look back with heart-searing pain. Now my ex is almost like a ghost in many of those memories.

      Truly God has used the evil actions of my ex to train me and grow me into a woman with greater faith and less fear. I can’t believe I am saying this…I would not trade away this painful lesson. It saved me from living my life in a fog of confusion and greyness.

      Thank you for walking part of this jouney with me. ❤ I am also glad for your peace.

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  2. I can’t tell you how happy I am for you. I can only imagine the freedom you feel.

    One of the hardest things for me is the fact the my children and I carry his name. My continued prayer is that one day God will provide a way for my children to take a new name, that they will desire to do so. Of course, I can change mine any time I want, but I want the same name as my children. I pray God will work this out.

    Congratulations to you on your freedom, dear woman.

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    • Thank you so much for sweetly sharing in my joy as I turn the page and get used to a life without abuse. So far, it is a real adjustment to realize he can’t jerk me around anymore.

      I am sorry that you are bearing his name even though you don’t want to. I understand how frustrating that must be.

      Even if I marry the most wonderful man someday, I will not surrender my name again. I wish we lived in matriarchal society.

      God bless you and keep you strong!


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