God’s Peace Among the Pieces

Today, I had the most productive therapy session I have had in a long time.  Many pieces of my shattered life revealed how they fit together.  The marital abuse, the rape, the sexual assaults, the emotionally volatile childhood, the intense education about abuse and the root of so much wrong in the world–it all connects. 

This is the most peaceful I have been since God picked me up and carried me through the emotionally violent desertion of my husband. 

Also, today I woke up to a flat tire-_a tire, which I had just repaired one month ago.  Yet I did not let that get in my way of seeing that God believes in me…he has confidence in my ability to learn and to change.  Today, I trusted Him…and it was beautiful.

May God also bless you. ❤


4 thoughts on “God’s Peace Among the Pieces

  1. I’ve just come to that point of peace and trust myself, and it’s the most wonderful gift, worth so much more than money could ever buy. I still have my moments but, by and large, my anxiety levels have fallen markedly. After all these years of abuse in one form or another, I feel as though I’m returning to my real self – the self God intended me to be. Bless you.

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    • I have my moments too. Struggling myself at the moment with more tasks than resources and it is burning me out. I try to remember to look back to see how far I have come because the finish line of this divorce keeps moving.

      May God bless and keep you too, Miss Min.

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  2. Divorce and property settlement cases are absolutely horrific when dealing with abusive and narcissistic personalities. That you are still standing and still blogging is a credit to you. A load will drop off your shoulders when it’s all over. I’ve known several people who’ve gone through, or are still going through, this experience. It’s truly horrific. There are better days ahead for you…God has plans for you…plans for good.


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