A Newspaper Documented Example of Emotional/Psychological Abuse

A divorced, controlling man filed a complaint against his ex-wife to reduce her parenting time because she took their 11-year-old daughter to a Pink concert.

Here is the article: http://www.nj.com/ocean/index.ssf/2015/04/pink_concert_didnt_harm_nj_girl_judg_says.html

What frustrates me is that the judge may have seen the correct judgement based on logic from facts presented, but he didn’t see the abusive subtext.

Now daughter will feel like she did something wrong for asking to go to a concert. She will carry unwarranted guilt and not express her wants because she won’t want to cause a problem. I know because I experienced similar out of court drama in my family of origin. This makes me so angry!

It takes one heck of a an inflamed narcissist to try to take parenting time away because his ex took their daughter to a concert.

Shame on the attorney who supported this man’s emotional/psychlogical abuse of his ex wife and child!


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