By Grace

Things have not been easy around here lately.  I have been feeling depressed and burned out on life.  Work has been wracked by business emergencies, money is tight, and my divorce feels like it will never end.  Yet today, I found hope in my circumstances.

Today a new friend from church lent me a book called “One Thousand Gifts.”  At page 13, I had an important realization about the circumstances and reasons for the bad things I’ve endured over the years. 

Here is what I shared with my friend about my experience today:

The words “by Grace” felt like they blew into my face when I was reading about the father asking why God allowed his daughter to be killed.  Perhaps He saved her from a fate worse than physical death.  I feel with my whole heart that God caused my anti-husband to flee from me in order to deliver me from spiritual torture.  By God’s Grace alone I was saved from a relationship that was killing my personhood…I was giving everything to stay and make it work although my anti-husband had killed my dearest dreams and sense of worth.  There was a lot of emotional violence, and it was like a slow quiet poison.  I have suffered some why moments lately, seeing only the pain and feeling hopeless. 

The words “by Grace” have changed something in my thinking.  By Grace I’m suffering what needs to be suffered, by Grace I’ve survived, by Grace I’ve been saved and awakened, and by Grace I will go on. 

By God’s amazing Grace, I hope that you can experience this moment of epiphany for yourselves, too.


9 thoughts on “By Grace

  1. One thing that helped me save me was the ability to read and pick up special things that got to me. There is always hope and God only gives us what we can handle. By faith and endurance, we survive and prosper. When I am down, I really get into the self pity thing and I am reminded that it never was about me. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. To this I say Amen. And by grace you´re going to live again.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I also had that feeling during the last days.. like the divorce is a never ending story.. and I´m so tired. It´s so good to be reminded that all is about grace. And we are going to live by grace. Our chains are going to be broken by grace.
    I´d like to share my favouritesong, which give me strange when I´m out of power:

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    • I have been meaning to listen to the song you named your blog after…I just did now. 🙂 thank you for sharing the link. It is very inspiring–I like it!

      You are right, we will live in Grace and living in Grace is true living.

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