A Place In the Sun


A Place in the Sun

This movie is on TCM right now.  Oh my gosh…this movie is scarily accurate in its portrayal of an entitled abusive man.  In the movie he: a) cheats and abandons his pregnant girlfriend, b) schmoozes his way into a relationship with a naive rich girl, c) plans to and kills his pregnant girlfriend, d) tries to go on with the rich girl like nothing happened.

This guy was a nothing bent on moving up the social ladder.  The rich girl and everyone surrounding her were charmed by this loser.  Over and over he lied, manipulated, and played the victim.  No wonder he was looking for a place in the sun, he was pure darkness and shadow himself.

There is a scene right before he “accidently” kills his pregnant girlfriend where they are sitting together in a boat.  There is an uncomfortable silence and then the she tries to talk about their future.  The way this guy looked at her was the same way Hyde looked at me when I tried to discuss our marriage and our future.  It gave me chills!  I am still digesting what that look was…contempt? Rage? Any ideas? Here is the clip:



2 thoughts on “A Place In the Sun

    • Wow, Michele, you are so perceptive–that makes sense! He is miserable seeing who he really is.

      Before she nails that he wishes her dead, he apologized to her, which was clearly to make himself feel better…it was such an empty apology much like those Hyde gave me when I’d call him out on his neglect.

      This scene is so hard for me to watch because the actors do an amazing job portraying the verbal and nonverbal aspects of communicating with a covert abuser/passive aggressive narcissist. His facial expressions are identical to how Hyde looked at me when he’d look at me during arguments. I experienced this crazy, confusing type of discussion over and over, complete with my apologizing for having said anything. Gosh, how damaging it was.

      Thank you, Michele, for giving your insight–it helps me so much!


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