When Your Abuser is Full of Hot (Stinky) Air

Hot Air Escaping from Hyde

Hot Air Escaping from Hyde

My mother sent a fart book to my son for Christmas.  It is really funny in a gross sort of way.  The book details the qualities of different farts–their sounds, smells and milieu.  Most entertainingly of all, there is a panel of buttons on one side of the book, which provides audio examples of each fart type.

No doubt, we have enjoyed indulging in a bit of middle school humor the last few days.

As I had indicated in my last couple of posts, Hyde has been trying to manipulate me and control a situation in which he has no business involving himself.  His words, heavy with authority and entitlement, had been feeling like boulders balanced on my shoulders until I realized today that he is full of hot air.

You see, I realized today that Hyde and farts have a lot in common.

First, Hyde’s behavior is every bit as rotten and stinky as a “Silent but Deadly” type of flatulence.  Predictably, Hyde hides behind his innocuous facade of words.  It takes a good three readings for me to catch all the silent nastiness he communicates.  Covert abusers like him are masters of writing between the lines.

Second, Hyde’s words clang loudly like the “Seismic Blast.”  Both disturb the peace and dirty the very the air they occupy.  Their rumbles shake me up a bit, but I’m realizing there is no lasting effect as long as I recognize the blast for what it is–an eruption of hot air.  Abusers like Hyde love to throw their targets off balance, causing them to wonder what the heck just happened.

Lastly, Hyde communicates like the “Aftershock.”  As written in the Farts book, “Always a surprise visitor, this irruptive species travels exclusively in flocks, usually among larger species.  Host usually appears calm and confident, followed by gasps of disbelief shortly thereafter.”  In other words, both the “Aftershock” and a covert abuser attack undercover; the offender feigning innocence when called out for their offensive behavior.

What are some other signs of hot air you have recognized in dealing with an abusive person?

P.S.  Here is the book:

Farts A Spotter's Guide Also useful for identifying covert abuse tactics

Farts A Spotter’s Guide
Also useful for identifying covert abuse tactics


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