Poetic Justice for a Case of Abuse by Boss


Money is but dust and rubble.

Tonight is a moment to praise God for His Justice on behalf of the abused and downtrodden.  Tonight I feel avenged for the sexist, demeaning, and verbally abusive treatment I experienced at the hands of my boss, the owner of the company in my last job (circa 2011).  I just came across an article citing the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars by an employee at the company I used to slave work for.

Apparently, about six months after I left, Bully Boss (BB) fired my coworker (way underpaid accountant…female making $34,000 yr. who had been there 17 years) and hired (unbeknownst to him) a Fellow Scumbag to be his new money manager.  This guy, Fellow Scumbag (FS), started at $62,000 in 2012 and by 2013 made $100,000!  That’s a $38,000 pay raise (pay attention to these figures).

Turns out FS started stealing from BB mere months after being hired.

Now, maybe you are thinking, “What a horrible Christian she is, delighting in someone else’s misfortune.” To you, I say, “Stop.”

It is no misfortune that BB suffered, but rather a just and well-deserved punishment delivered by God for his systematic abuse of the three females under his tyranny authority in the company. We three saw male newcomers start at salaries tens of thousands of dollars higher than ours after years of work. We were guilt-tripped for eating together in the lunchroom and for staying home with sick children (even though we were using our meager vacation days to do so). We were consistently the first ones in and the last to leave. We three females were the only office employees to be forced to punch in on a time clock like the warehouse employees.

As for myself specifically, I can tell you I was suffering from severe stress, walking on eggshells Monday through Friday. Going to work was so unbearable that I used to blast Cee Lo Green’s “F%ck You” song at full volume on my way into work…the entire 15 minute drive.

I had the gall after 18 months to request a meeting with my boss to overview my contributions and expanded responsibilities and ask for a raise. What I got instead was ripped apart for asking the median salary of $40,000 for my position (marketing director). I was ganged up on by not just BB, but also my colleague Competent Salesman and told that I needed to work 60+ hours per week to make that salary. Nevertheless, I persevered and went from $32,000 to $34,000.

Then a few months before I left, BB called me into his office for the infraction of accepting the secondary Medicaid coverage I was income-qualified to have for my son’s behavioral/mental health issues. With the door wide open, he proceeded to berate me and accused me of “working the system”. (Hello, A-hole, I was qualified because you didn’t pay me enough.) The entire office heard him and I was mortified. I was attacked because I dared to take care of myself.

I gained 25 pounds at this job…purely from stress-eating. They have been the hardest pounds to lose. I started to go prematurely gray during my tenure there. My blood pressure dropped significantly within months of leaving. Sadly, that was also the love-bombing stage with Hyde.

So did I laugh? Did I think it damaged his extreme pride and vainglory (absolute torture for a Narcissist)? Did I feel elated and avenged for the torture of my soul? YES I DID. I left BB’s abuse in God’s hands and He delivered justice.

A man who was ruled by money fired a loyal, hard-working employee and hired himself a FS whom he paid more in a first year salary increase than he paid her after 17 years. Then FS robs BB almost from the very start. I couldn’t have written a better plotline for a cautionary tale against treating others abusively and unfairly.

Lord, keep me humble and near to You always.



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