Ray Rice is a Textbook Abuser

Sunday it was revealed that Slimey Nasty Rotten Ray Rice plans to appeal his indefinite NFL suspension by claiming that TMZ “cleaned up” the videotape showing his assault on his then-fianceé-now-wife in an Atlantic City casino elevator.

Here is the story: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/09/21/report-ray-rice-appeal-will-argue-video-from-elevator-was-edited/

This tells us several things about Rotten Ray Rice:

1. He believes he is the victim, therefore he refuses to accept responsibility.

Oh poor him…the video only showed him knocking out and then dragging Janay from the elevator.  He expects people to believe that something from the uncut video will somehow justify his abuse.  Of course he is victimized because the “whole truth” hasn’t come out and that caused him to lose his undeserved high income.  Never mind that Rice brutally attacked his fianceé…that couldn’t possibly be the most important part of the footage.

2. He is unrepentant about his obvious abuse.

When a person with a conscience is caught doing something wrong, they feel horrible and admit their wrongdoing, accept responsibility,  show humility, and change their behavior.  Does Rice sound humble to you?

3. Rice’s argument is an attempt to gaslight the issue.

He is telling us not to fully trust what we’ve seen with our own eyes.  We are inferior, how can we possibly understand that the real issue is the edited tape, not his abuse?

Newsflash–We are onto you Rotten Ray Rice!


One thought on “Ray Rice is a Textbook Abuser

  1. His statement on “I am a leader, I let my wife down, I am a leader blah blah blah” was textbook. I heard the exact speech, different male, different profession, different race, SAME SPEECH. It is unfortunate for Janay that on top of being married to a man who would knock her out without remorse, that she has to endure the public scrutiny as well. While it will help others, I think it will make it more difficult for her to leave him unless she can secure a period of no contact to process what is really going on. I wish her the best.


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