Job Interview

Wish me luck–I am having my first interview in five years after three years of being a homemaker/SAHM.  It will be my first interview for a skilled trade position, too!  I actually see possibilities for the future springing out of this job.  I hope this is the first step in saying adios forever to the corporate world!  ☺

I got the job. Officially a seat weaver trainee!



2 thoughts on “Job Interview

  1. Congratulations!!! I just found your blog and I have comments I want to make, but I am so worn out right now that I will have to come back. (Yes, worn out from my own version of Hyde). I will be checking back in, but I wanted to congratulate you. That’s terrific!


    • Thanks, Seeing! No worries. I wish you didn’t have a Hyde to deal with, too. It is super exhausting to walk on eggshells, tiptoe around emotional triplines, and live under constant threat of combat.

      I will be here whenever you are ready to comment. 🙂


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