Blurting It Out #1

Twice in the last year of marriage I had self-harming incidents; my son developed OCD.  Hyde didn’t raise his hand or his voice, but he still created a toxic environment that made us mentally ill.


4 thoughts on “Blurting It Out #1

    • My heart goes out to you guys, lonelywife07.

      It is sad, but true. My Hyde literally made us ill with his own soul/mind sickness. Now that we are away, my hyper-vigilance is milder and my son is much more relaxed and communicative. I am hoping to figure out a way to afford edmr therapy for each of us to “reprocess” the traumatic memories so they don’t haunt us for life. We aren’t walking away unscathed, but praise God for letting it work for our ultimate good.

      After he left, I discovered some videos and an old letter that made the hair on my arms stand up–he is a disturbed person and if I had seen these things before we married, I would have run the other way!


  1. I think we’re all married/been married to the same guy….

    It’s sorta funny – they’re so unoriginal in their tactics…how dill they actually are mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually…which is why they do what they do…they love yo destroy bright beautiful beings because they are jealous of us…

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    • Isn’t it interesting that good hearted people can show kindness in millions of different ways, but the evil hearted only have a few tactics. In a way it is good for us–it makes them easy to spot once you know and understand how they operate.

      I am thankful today that I’m not slaving over a meal for someone so ungrateful.

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